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    Distorted xml in StanzaListener




      I am implementing the client side code for ejabberd MucSub extension (Multi-User Chat Subscriptions | ejabberd Docs ).

      When I send the IQ for subscriptions list, I am getting correct response IQ in debug logs but in StanzaListener the same response is delivered as broken xml.

      Following is response IQ I am getting in debug log and in StanzaListener.


      In debug logs:

      <iq xml:lang='en' to='admin@abc.domain.net/18060698566956543212690' from='conference.abc.domain.net' type='result' id='3nUeL-57'>

      <subscriptions xmlns='urn:xmpp:mucsub:0'>

      <subscription jid='room4@conference.abc.domain.net'/>

      <subscription jid='room8@conference.abc.domain.net'/>




      In StanzaListener

      <iq to='admin@abc.domain.net/18060698566956543212690' from='conference.abc.domain.net' id='3nUeL-57' type='result'>

      <subscriptions xmlns='urn:xmpp:mucsub:0'&lt;subscriptions xmlns=&apos;urn:xmpp:mucsub:0&apos;&gt;&lt;subscription jid=&apos;room4@conference.abc.domain.net&apos;/&gt;&lt;subscription jid=&apos;room8@conference.abc.domain.net&apos;/&gt;&lt;/subscriptions&gt;</subscriptions></iq>


      Can anyone help me out with this? I am using smack 4.2.0.

      Thanks in advance.