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Unable to login to Spark remotely

Question asked by Wendell Washington on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Wendell Washington

Hello I work for a help desk and we use Spark.  We work remotely over vpn and thin clients. We were hit with a hurricane and now myself and other agents are unable to login...all the agents who worked remotely can't login to the Spark server in my region.   We can login to Windows environment with vm ware with no problem.  We can login to all applications citrix etc... with no problem.   We use the same password to login to the vdi connection we use to login to the spark server.  It used to work just perfectly before the storm it seems the only application that can't be used is spark: The error received is Login error: Invalid username or password.           


Username and password is correct as well as server: 


Local IT seems to be stumped by this problem they say it is probably a vmware environment or vpn connection issue


Just trying to brainstorm any ideas that may be causing this issue. 


I was guessing is maybe there was some type of IP address table wiped or maybe the spark login client is trying to reach the wrong address.  Maybe the power outage wiped some type of table or setting.  Again I'm just brainstorming as to what could be causing this issue and maybe see if I can help my local IT solve this problem.


Thank you in advance!