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Issue with Cross Domain Chat Allowed to Connect Setting

Question asked by Kailaas Nana on Aug 31, 2017

Hey there,


I am currently running an Openfire Server (version 4.0.3) in our Domain and trying to get it to talk to other openfire servers in another Domain. I have had our network engineers create firewall rules for the appropriate IP Address's using port 5269. After doing that I still cant add services from the other domains. I have noticed on our openfire server that the "Allowed To Connect" Setting has no option selected. I select the "Anyone" option but after logging out and then logging back in, or if I go to another menu and then come back to the "Server To Server" screen it doesn't retain that setting and goes back to having no options selected. I have tried restarting services etc and the setting is still not retained. Is this a bug or known issue? Has anyone else ever experienced this while trying to set up cross domain functionality?