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How to build Smack source code to jar file?(I have imported Smack source code to Eclipse,but I don't know how to build it)

Question asked by David on Aug 19, 2017
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I found a method to import Smack source code to Eclipse with no error, of course, it works well. (the import method as the picture below) pe=14&containerID=1&draftID=93914


but I want to build the source code to get jars for my android project,I used eclipse to develop android, it is difficulty to integrated with Smack,I tried many times to download jars from Internet,but I failed,I can't connect to my Openfire Server and I got many exceptions. So I git clone the Smack source code and "grandle build" in the Smack source code root directory,but I build failed with exception


Execution failed for task ':smack-tcp:signArchives'.

> Cannot perform signing task ':smack-tcp:signArchives' because it has no configured signatory


I just want to get smack jars completely,if you have any good idea, please let me know, thank you very much!