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Send and receive files to android.

Question asked by Lucas on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by wroot

I have a clean installation of Openfire 4.1.5.

The Openfire instance is directly on the Internet (not proxy, not firewalls).

As a client on PCs I use Spark 2.7.7

And on android phones try using several XMPP clients.

The server has the File Transfer Proxy Configuration feature enable

Among Spark clients on the same network, I can transfer files.

Among Spark clients on different networks, I can transfer files.

Among Android customers testing several app. I can not transfer files.

Between Android and Spark customers, I can not transfer either.

Could you tell me which logs I need to check in order to get close to a solution?

Or how did you solve this problem?

Best regards.