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Cannot login to Openfire after first install, the admin account tests give success during install

Question asked by Tamer on Aug 9, 2017
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I installed Openfire using OpenLDAP integration. During the install all three connection tests give ok (LDAP connection, users and groups and they are listed). After that, I am adding admin accounts from LDAP. I add two accounts and test them if I am able to login during install. Both users give success in tests. Then I click the last continue button in the install and it installs the database. And gives me the option to go to the login page. I click on that and go to the login page. At that point I am not able to login with correct credentials with none of the admin users. Credentials are correct, they have been tested many times. Couldn't find a solution.


I tried to reinstall and restarting Openfire. Even rebooting the server. I googled aorund but couldn't find such a case. Maybe I am missing a very trivial point but couldn't find that. Can you help?