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Make room with persistent user using MUC

Question asked by shree on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by Hiren

Hi , I don't know How to make group with persistent user. I'm struggle since last month, i search lot . But i'm not getting any proper idea about it. I need to create a group.

I happy to share something what i referred still date.


We can make or create group two ways right..

1. MUC (Multi User Chat)

next thing is,

2. Roster Group.


In MUC, we can create a room or group, we may join the another user to group and send the message to group. Everything is done perfectly whatever i described here. Here , My issue is, users are not stay permanently in the room.


In Roster Group, i can create a group through the roster. but i don't know how to add members to the group and send the message to group. actually what I referred  is, we just send message get the user list from the roster group. then send message individually to all members. So , i don't know Is it proper way of communication.


In our openfire console panel  , i seen such a thing like Users/Groups, Even there we can create a group.  i created group manually through the openfire console. I don't know How to create like that programmatically . If there is possible create a group like that How can.


If anyone knew about it. please help me.


Thanks in advance.