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    Seems you can chat without subscription


      We have installed Openfire 4.1.5 with Subscription 1.4.0 plugin and connects using Pidgin 2.10.12.

      From Subscription properties we set to "Reject - ALL Subscription requests", we need to admin from admin console.


      Steps made to test functionality:

      1. A user add a friend to his buddies list.
      2. Because of "Reject - All subscription request" is enabled, the request never arrives.
      3. The invited buddy appears as "Not authorized".
      4. Then double click on this buddy and write a message.
      5. This message is delivered correctly!

      I was waiting not to deliver any message in such case.


      May be there is something wrong with it?

      Thank you for any idea.




      Openfire 4.1.5