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Compatibility with legacy servers and RFC 3921

Question asked by Ingo Bauersachs on Jul 1, 2017
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There were some users (of Jitsi) who complained that they can't connect to their Cisco Jabber server anymore ([1,2]). This is caused by properly following RFC 6121, 2.1.6 since SMACK-538. However as also mentioned in that issue, some servers send the full JID, which was allowed in RFC 3921, 7.2.


What is your stance on keeping backwards compatibility a) in general, and b) in this case?





[1] Update Smack to 4.2 · Issue #306 · jitsi/jitsi · GitHub

[2] Roster problem with Cisco IM&P servers since 2.8 · Issue #362 · jitsi/jitsi · GitHub