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openfire_4.1.4_all.deb won't install

Question asked by Allan on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Daryl Herzmann

I'm trying to install openfire 4.1.4 on ubuntu 16.04.  I'm getting the following error:


dpkg-deb: error: 'openfire_4.1.4_all.deb' is not a debian format archive

dpkg: error processing archive openfire_4.1.4_all.deb (--install):

subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2

Errors were encountered while processing:




I also checked the sha1sum and it is different from the download page.

Is the site supplying the right file?


My   sha1sum: 49ad85d47583bbc7df136142753027335fe87427 openfire_4.1.4_all.deb

Site sha1sum: 83bf090c07daeacb59a97ddade1cd76c1dbb3030 openfire_4.1.4_all.deb