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Chat States element send while send message. using sendstanza

Question asked by shree on May 31, 2017

I need to send the  chat states (typing status) while send the message via sendstanza.


this is my code:

Message message = new Message(user_two,;

message.setBody("how are you");



I got a response like that   <message to='shree@mindnotix' id='XzCJS-24' type='chat'><body>how are you</body></message>


I need to send like   <message to="shree@mindnotix" id="bAe3N-2039" type="chat" from="ramesh@mindnotix"><thread>o1kGhp</thread><paused xmlns=""/></message>


i need to send <paused xmlns=""/> element while send message.


If any one help me. it'll b very useful to me. It's very urgent. I'm expecting solution ASAP. thank you....