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    Issue - Unable to connect to admin interface


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm experiencing some troubles with my OpenFire server. I broke my ldap reader account which make a link between OpenFire and my Active Directory. Despite the installation's reinitialisation, i lost the possibility to connect as administrator on the server. I made the following changes without success:


      - I changed the <setup>true</setup> to false in conf/openfire.xml and redo the installation

      - I added the field:






      <authorizedJIDs>admin@example.com, new@example.com</authorizedJIDs> 


      But when I tried to connect, it didn't work and openfire.xml delete my changes automatically.


      - I Modified directly the database:

      1. DELETE FROM OFPROPERTY WHERE NAME='admin.authorizedJIDs'
      2. INSERT INTO OFPROPERTY VALUES('admin.authorizedJIDs','thamouta@mydomain.com'); 
      3. COMMIT; 


      But It didn't work too. I'm totally blocked at this moment and I really don't know what can I do now. Could you help me please?


      There's the informations about my server:


      OS: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

      Kernel: Linux 3.2.0-39-generic

      Openfire: 4.1.3

      Java: 1.7.0_131

      Database: PostgreSQL 9.3


      Thank you by advance.

        • Re: Issue - Unable to connect to admin interface
          kashan iqbal

          i am having same issue in openfire 4.1.4

          i want to create a imo chat server on OF with spark client, so i installed OF 4.1.4 in microsoft windows server 2016, also installed java 8 update 121. i am new so i follow all steps from a tutorial, i used embeded data base and standard data base from sql , but having same issue on both, after completion of admin launch web page of OF i am unable to login on admin console.


          this is my openfire.xml file