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authentication issu in openfire 4.1.4

Question asked by microsysteksun on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by wroot

Hello jive community


i hope you all are wale


I am a new user in jive community. currently i have setup open fire 4.1.4 in Ubuntu 14.04 desktop 64 bit OS for internal chat server.


I have download tar.gz file from official link and extract in /var/www/html/ folder. than i have access open fire by port 9090.


Than i have follow steps and i have create database in MySQL and all steps finish.


Than i have login in open fire and create two users its login success fully.


But problem is when i send request one user to second user for authentication so second user do not get any request from one user.


so any one can help me for solve this problem.


Your reply is very help full for me


also sorry for my bad english


Thanks in advance.