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    How to create group rosters from LDAP people location entries?




      my current setup:

      Openfire (latest version, Linux) running with read access to OpenLDAP.


      I cannot change the contents of the OpenLDAP server because the LDAP server gets populated by another system.


      - The LDAP contains (among other stuff): ou=People and ou=Group

      - Base DN used in Openfire is Domain, Top-Level-Domain

      - "Group" contains several groups. ldap.groupNameField = cn .

      - Openfire uses "users" group. This group contains all user names in the field "memberUid" as a list. ldap.groupMemberField = memberUid

      - Since the base DN is so broad, I use a filter: ldap.groupSearchFilter = (cn=users)

      - This gives me a group roster in Openfire which contains all users in the "users" group. These are all people in my company.


      So far, so good.


      What I want to do:

      I want to have different group rosters for each branch office. So, separate group rosters for people from New York, from Berlin, from Paris... You get the idea.


      - The only place where this information is stored is in ou=People.

      - Every uid (every person) contains a field "location".


      The big question:

      How should I configure Openfire in order to read the LDAP in a way that it creates group rosters for every location?