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Hello everyone ,
My name is Paweł, I am Electronics & Telecommunications student from Gdańsk, Poland. As hobby in free time I am doing some games journalism, writing reviews or doing iterviews with games developers. I had some own minor attemps in gamedev with LibGDX for Java. I am still new to XMPP but I am going stay here for longer as my university, bachelor project and thesis will include creating own XMPP client with asymmetric encryption of messages. This year I submited my proposal for Google Summer of Code. This proposal was accepted, so now I can announce a certificate manager for Spark which I hope to finish during this summer.


And what is my project?


So curently in Spark we can choose to accept all certificates, disable hostname verification and basicly that's it. It would be handy for users to have prety graphic panel that woul allow them to pick certificates one by one, check it's validity, public keys, issuers, crypto-alghoritms and decide which one to trust and which not. Other utilites include possybility to check certificate validity in Certificate Revocation Lists and by Online Certificate Status Protocol. Another thing that Spark will be supporting, is muthual authentication and creating own (self issued) certificates.


I want to thanks to my great mentor Guus and also wroot, speedy, akrherz, dwd, Flow, vanitasvitae and others for warm greeting in community .

I hope not only to finish my project but also find more good vibes within community and do more for opensource.



Paweł Ścibiorski aka Alameyo