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    Openfire version 1.3.1

    Jocelyn Cere

      Hello. As a Product manager, I am investigating on your product to establish a roadmap for extending the use of this product.


      We have been using version 1.3.1.  I need more info on your product called Instant Messenger (IM).  What was the lifespan for this version. I need to know about the type of license it is, and is it open source code and freeware?


      What is the recommended upgrade path to go up to the most recent version 4.1.3? And what is the lifespan expectancy for that version?

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          Guus der Kinderen

          So, yeah... I'm not sure how to respond to this. Your question is riddled with inaccuracies that a brief tour of our website would have resolved. I'm perfectly happy to help people out, but here, you would simply have had most of your questions answered faster by using Google. In any case:

          • We don't have a product called Instant Messenger. Are you referring to Openfire? Spark?
          • None of our primary products have anywhere in the past... decade? ... had a release number 1.3.1. Was that a typo, or are you using *really old* stuff?
          • All software is licences under the Apache v2 license.
          • We provide documentation that describes upgrade paths. Basicallly: 1) create backups, and then 2) install the update.
          • We do not define lifecycles for our products.