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Openfire failure on Mac OSX 10.12.4

Question asked by Qing on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by Qing

Hi buddies,


I am new to openfire. I tried to install openfire 4.1.3 on my mac which is OSX 10.12.4.

Here were what I did:

1. installed openfire 4.1.3

2. Installed Java

3. Installed Xampp

4. launched Apach  Web server and Php server

5  Configured openfire via "localhost:9090", created the Mysql DB  with credentials and openfire login credentials. All looked  going well.  But after that the openfire server seemed down. I could never access it via "localhost:9090". "netstat -an|grep 9090" returned nothing.  It looked the openfire server was down.  I was thinking of start the server through Termnial but I could access the /usr/local/openfire with permission deined error. Sudo didn't work.

6. I also noticed a strange thing, after openfire being installed, no  GUI could be found. I searched in Applications.


Please could I have your advice? Many thanks!