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    Openfire failure on Mac OSX 10.12.4


      Hi buddies,


      I am new to openfire. I tried to install openfire 4.1.3 on my mac which is OSX 10.12.4.

      Here were what I did:

      1. installed openfire 4.1.3

      2. Installed Java

      3. Installed Xampp

      4. launched Apach  Web server and Php server

      5  Configured openfire via "localhost:9090", created the Mysql DB  with credentials and openfire login credentials. All looked  going well.  But after that the openfire server seemed down. I could never access it via "localhost:9090". "netstat -an|grep 9090" returned nothing.  It looked the openfire server was down.  I was thinking of start the server through Termnial but I could access the /usr/local/openfire with permission deined error. Sudo didn't work.

      6. I also noticed a strange thing, after openfire being installed, no  GUI could be found. I searched in Applications.


      Please could I have your advice? Many thanks!



        • Re: Openfire failure on Mac OSX 10.12.4

          After a few attempts, I made it work finally!

          Here are the steps:

          1 Uninstall openfire from terminal via commands below:

                sudo rm -rf /usr/local/openfire

                sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/Openfire.prefPane
                sudo rm -rf /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.jivesoftware.openfire.plist
                sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/Openfire.pkg

          2. reboot mac

          3. reinstall openfire

          4. After installation´╝î if successfully,  openfire console GUI icon should be sitting in Other of Mac system preference. Click the openfire icon to launch the console. 

          5. The openfire server can be start/stop by clicking the button below Status. It works for me:)

          6. click "Open admin console" button, it will guide you to browser for configuring the openfire server just as  "localhost:9090"; don't forget to launch Xampp(Web, PhP, Mysql)

          7. last thing I would like to recommend is , this time, I skipped the step of setting openfire login credentials. I experienced sth strange before, after creating my own credentials,  finally having trouble  to access openfire server(Same issue could be found on the Web, seems no root cause being found yet). As I just want to make some tests, the security is not my concern. the default user/pasword is admin/admin. 


          Don't know how to post pictures sorry.