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Successfully create muc room but failed to getHostedRooms

Question asked by andue on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Flow

Hello everyone.

     I'm not sure my problem is relate to smack or openfire and I post it here, sorry for it.

     I got a problem while using smack-4.2.0 and openfire 4.1.3 to build my own IM software.

     I created a multi-user chat room succefully and found the room info in local mysql database.

     But when I called MultiUserChatManager::getHostedRooms, it returns null.

     I found that smack discovers the support feature in MultiUserChatManager.getHostedRooms, but no " "

     in the support features list.


     I tried to install the Mucservice plugin on openfire server but no help.


     Does any other configure relate to the muc service? Should I config SSL? or lost some initialization?


    Thanks for your help!!!