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    Openfire takes longer time to process roster fetch on localhost


      I have installed Openfire on my Mac localhost and connecting to it using Strophe. I am able to get my roster of users but it takes 2-4 mins to fetch a roster for a simple 3 user group and it never gives me a response when querying for chat history between 2 users although, I have sent a valid stanza and chat history exists on the Archive tab on the server.


      My server config -


      Strophe code to fetch roster (takes 3-4 mins for processing and getting results) -


      var iq = $iq({type: 'get'}).c('query', {xmlns: 'jabber:iq:roster'});

      connection.sendIQ(iq, onRoster);



      function onRoster(iq) {

      console.log('call back ');

      $(iq).find('item').each(function () {

      var jid = $(this).attr('jid');





      connection.addHandler(onPresence, null, "presence");



      Strophe code to fetch my chat histroy (never gives me results although the stanza it outputs is correct) -



      var iq = $iq({type:'get'}).c('list',{xmlns:'urn:xmpp:archive', with:'admintest@localhost'})



      connection.sendIQ(iq, onChatHistory);


      Because I am new to this expedition, Please help me resolve getting my chat history and speeding up my Openfire responses , Thanks