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Could not reconnect to jabberd2 server: SSLHandshakeException

Question asked by Grigory Fedorov on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Flow

We have a problem on jabberd2 server. I also encountered this kinds of error earlier. But we've got server logs this time.

First connection is ok, but reconnection using connection object created earlier leads to SSLHandshakeException: Connection closed by peer.

Server says: openssl error: error:140D9115:SSL routines:ssl_get_prev_session:session id context uninitialized


Latest available Smack 4.2.1 snapshot used, Plain auth, jabberd2 2.5.0


See full log, both client and server: 2017-04-10 Smack - jabberd2 SSL handshake exception on reconnection · GitHub


Should I also create issue for jabberd2?