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Login issue after upgrade to 4.1.3

Question asked by Fábio Gomes on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by speedy

Hey guys, once again I return here to ask for your precious help.


I've upgraded our prod Openfire server (dumb IT guy) to 4.1.3 and since than we are unable to login in Spark.


I've saw an uncommon message after the upgrade saying this:

Server Host Name (FQDN) DNS configuration appears to be missing or incorrect.


Our DNS server is different from the Openfire's one. I tried to add the two SRV records but it dind't work even after ipconfig /registerdns


I had a similar problem in the past, I just had to create a host A with the Openfire's name server pointing to the host server.


If I install back the version I had, would miss more the configuration?


Can you please help me to solve that?