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    Monitoring Plugin Issues on upgrade

    Richard Darlington

      I am running Openfire 4.0.3 with Monitoring plugin 1.5.2

      I am testing an upgrade: Openfire to v4.1.3(latest)  and Monitoring plugin to v1.5.6 (latest)


      The upgrade of Openfire works without an issue - Monitoring plugin still seems to work, but I get the following popup when manually attempting to 'Rebuild Index':


      It looks like archiving of messages and chat rooms continues as before - searching for conversations still accesses new and older conversations.


      I attempted to upgrade the Monitoring plugin to the latest version, which reported back it upgraded successfully. However, when going to the 'Archiving Settings' page, I see a red error banner indicating the index was not rebuilt.  If I hit the 'Rebuild Index' button, I get a green banner saying that indexing is being performed... however when moving onto another page and back to this archiving settings page - I again see the red error banner saying the index build failed.  I've stopped and restarted Openfire but that did not affect this behavior.  (In the test environment, I am running the Openfire server manually - as administrator... not as a service)


      I've back reved the Monitoring plugin to the older version since it seems to still work - even with the 'message' popup.


      Can someone help me diagnose the issue with the Monitoring plugin?  I would like to move to the latest version if possible - if not - I would like to be assured the older version is still working as I believe it is, even though it throws this message popup.






      EDIT:  I am also getting the above 'getInlineOpacity' message when attempting to manually 'rebuild Index' on Openfire v 4.0.3 and Monitoring Plugin 1.5.2 - so this message is not related to the openfire upgrade to 4.1.3.


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        • Re: Monitoring Plugin Issues on upgrade
          Ivan Mineev

          I have the same experience with monitoring plugin v1.5.6.

          Moreover in my case this version almost break supporting of xep-0136.


          Now I use next bunch: openfire v4.1.1 + monitoring plugin v1.4.5.


          I need retrieving archived messages by xep-0136.
          But in version 1.4.5 also have list of issues one of them related to timestamp of messages and conversations.