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Openfire Spark on Android?

Question asked by Luis Vazquez on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Luis Vazquez

I'm trying to use Freelab Messenger on the android OS to have our staff, who arn't always in front of a computer, use their company issued phones that are in the internal network.


I ran Wireshark to see why the app saw the server but never connected to it. I noticed that one of the packets contained this message

"73 Alert (level: Fatal, Description: Certificate unknown)"


On the phone there is a pop up to accept a certificate but even though I press the once or always button it still doesn't work.


I have tried other XMPP/Jabber applications with no luck.

I'm using Openfire 4.1.3


If any one has gotten any app to work with Open fire could you please let me know. And if possible is there a list of steps I can take to getting it work?