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Openfire doesn't return status 110 when joining MUC

Question asked by Danial on Mar 24, 2017

Openfire Version: 4.1.3

Smack Version :4.2.0

I am sending presence to server like this and receive a presence back



03-22 11:02:40.760 18475-18695/ D/SMACK: SENT (0): <presence to='16164b1b4f714e741c3934f3c83fc9ad858mop2b99g33@conference.localhost/deadlyscorpion18590' id='IFJzs-25'><x xmlns=''><history since='2017-03-22T09:36:53.495+00:00'/></x><c xmlns='' hash='sha-1' node='' ver='NfJ3flI83zSdUDzCEICtbypursw='/></presence>  
03-22 11:02:40.780 18475-18696/ D/SMACK: RECV (0): <presence to="deadlyscorpion18590@localhost/21900c34-6476-4df9-b6db-252afad84224" id="IFJzs-6" from="16164b1b4f714e741c3934f3c83fc9ad858mop2b99g33@conference.localhost/deadlyscorpion18590"><c xmlns="" hash="sha-1" node="" ver="NfJ3flI83zSdUDzCEICtbypursw="/><x xmlns=""><item jid="deadlyscorpion18590@localhost/21900c34-6476-4df9-b6db-252afad84224" affiliation="owner" role="moderator"/></x></presence>  

When i receive this presence i receive after it the history of the chat as messages (as it should ) and i am able to send messages to the MUC and receive messagesBut after 10 seconds i receive a reply timeout :




03-22 11:02:47.500 18475-18589/ W/System.err: org.jivesoftware.smack.SmackException$NoResponseException: No response received within reply timeout. Timeout was 5000ms (~5s). Waited for response using: AndFilter: (StanzaTypeFilter: Presence, OrFilter: (AndFilter: (FromMatchesFilter (ignoreResourcepart): 16164b1b4f714e741c3934f3c83fc9ad858mop2b99g33@conference.localhost, MUCUserStatusCodeFilter: status=110), AndFilter: (FromMatchesFilter (full): 16164b1b4f714e741c3934f3c83fc9ad858mop2b99g33@conference.localhost/deadlyscorpion18590, StanzaIdFilter: id=IFJzs-25, PresenceTypeFilter: type=error))).  
03-22 11:02:47.500 18475-18589/ W/System.err:     at org.jivesoftware.smack.StanzaCollector.nextResultOrThrow(  
03-22 11:02:47.500 18475-18589/ W/System.err:     at org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChat.enter(  
03-22 11:02:47.500 18475-18589/ W/System.err:     at org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChat.join(  

And the client is no longer joined in the MUC room and therefore can't send and receive messages.


I downgraded Openfire to version 4.1.2 and the joining of the room worked but it doesn't get the history of the chat anymore.

At first i thought this was a bug in smack, i put it in the smack support section but was informed that the bug is that Openfire doesn't return status 110.

Link to discussion in Smack support section:        Unable to join MUC