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    Psi+ and Xabber not connected


      I have a problem with connect  Psi+ and xabber to openfire server version 4.3.1

      Скриншот (15.03.2017 08-36-56).jpg

      Скриншот (15.03.2017 13-41-05).jpg

      Status: Unconnected to the network


      In version 3.8.2 openfire there is no such problem.

      But we need preferences for version 4.3.1


      Please help who know why unconnected?

        • Re: Psi+ and Xabber not connected

          In my case neither Xabber nor Conversations were able to connect to Openfire 4.1.3 / 4.1.2 / 4.1.1

          However, I'm able to use them both with Openfire 4.0.4


          The interesting part is that Beem is able to connect to 4.1.3, even if the last release is from 2013.