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Openfire as service on win7

Question asked by Sven Erik Tiberg on Mar 13, 2017
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I'm new to this forum and my interest in openfire are linked to distributed 3D ( ) spaces using xmpp to share states between X3D-sceens in browsers.
Will use BOSH as it can use https from jscript in the browsers X3D-sceens to transfere states by push techniqe.

Used ejabberd before but openfire seems easier to manage.
My Q. as I'm running Openfire on Windows 7 I would like to setup openfire application as a service.
Any tips / experience / or your std way,  are highly appreciated.


PS: setting up 2 Openfire servers one inside a strict firewall and one more public.
This arrangement are for security reason as the inside firewall server will be controlling a driversimulator.


/Sven-Erik Tiberg
Lulea University of  Technology Sweden.