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Love Spark/OpenFire!  But, Status doesn't update across clients

Question asked by Kendell Welch on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by wroot

Hi all,


I'm an Admin for a larger than SMB company.  They've been asking for an internal IM system, and based on my testing, this looks like a really powerful option!  Something I could probably influence a contribution to.


One no-so-minor item that I noticed right away during my multi-endpoint testing is, when I update one client's status, it doesn't seem to update other clients with the new status ("Free to Chat," "Away" "Do not disturb," etc.)  I have to assume that Spark is either slow-polling or OpenFire is using some stateful connection...not sure which, but either way, it would be very valuable if said status would be updated pretty regularly, and I don't think it should be difficult to implement.


Just a suggestion,