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Openfire Installation ok - No acces to frontend

Question asked by Thomas Poppe on Feb 20, 2017
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my name ist Thomas and i'm new in this forum.


I had installed Openfire 4.1.1 on Linux Debian Webserver in /opt/openfire.

I can reach the adminpanel here: http://mywebserversip:9090

Here can i administer without problems, create users and rooms, all ist fine and and ok?


Here are my simple questions to understand Openfire:

- How can users reach the chat, login, and discuss, which Port or url is necessary?

  By use of port 522 i get no connection.

  Port 7070 gives out the following (see above)


What does this mean?


- Is openfire now complete or need i some plugins (frontend) aditional too?

- In which directory can i find the css in order to customise my Openfire?


Thank you in advantage