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    Client complains about muc history messages

    Anno van Vliet


      Openfire 4.1.1 with embedded database

      Some rooms with history, this history contains messages which have next to a body also an form-data in the message.

      A xmpp Client based on Smack-4.2.0-rc3

      Openfire has been restarted


      When joining this rooms, after a restart of the server, the clients logs errors about incorrect XMPP stanza elements : <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" /> : Parsing form type failed because 'type' is a mandatory attribute of the form element.


      the client receives the following (incorrect) message

      <message type="groupchat" from="room1@conference.openfire.xmpp.test/test1-of" to="anno@openfire.xmpp.test/xxxx"><body>

      ..some deleted text..</body><x xmlns="jabber:x:data"/><delay xmlns="urn:xmpp:delay" stamp="2017-02-01T08:47:40.837Z" from="room1@conference.openfire.xmpp.test"/></message>


      When I look in the openfire.script database file, I can see the original message in the stanza field of the OFMUCCONVERSATIONLOG table, with a proper form : 




      ,'..some deleted text.. '

      ,'\u000a<message to="anno@openfire.xmpp.test/JChat-" id="9fc3v-3007" type="groupchat" from="whiteboard@conference.openfire.xmpp.test/anno-windows">\u000a  <body>some deleted text</body>\u000a  <x xmlns="jabber:x:data" type="submit">\u000a    <field var="line1" type="text-single">\u000a      <value>casrep 2</value>\u000a    </field> ... </x>\u000a</message>'



      It looks like Openfire is not properly interpreting this xml in the stanza field.