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Can Smack expose last message date of a MUC ?

Question asked by Oibaf Olsen on Feb 1, 2017

Hello all,

I'd like to know if SMACK has any Object to expose a Date (or a timestamp or whatelse) about last message sent in a given groupchat.


My use case: I'd like to join a muc and ask with Discussion History OR last 7 days OR if there are no messages in last 7 days, last recent message .

I'm able to do something like this:


DiscussionHistory dh = new DiscussionHistory();

  dh.setSince( historyFromDate  );

  muc.join( name, password,dh, PACKET_REPLY_TIMEOUT);




DiscussionHistory dh = new DiscussionHistory();

dh.setMaxStanzas( 1 );

  muc.join( name, password,dh, PACKET_REPLY_TIMEOUT);



but I'd like to choose DiscussionHistory settings before join.



Does not seems that RoomInfo ( MultiUserChatManager.getInstanceFor(connection).getRoomInfo(room) ) does not expose the Date I need, nor MultiUserChat Object.


I checked on official spec about server MUST send minimum number of messages (so MaxStanzas and Since are in AND) while I need at least one message (an OR).



Any idea?

There is any IQ to check this date?

Thanx in advice