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    iOS XMPPFramework Connectivity While Registration


      I am using following code to register a new user from iPhone device


          NSError *error = nil;

          [self.xmppStream setMyJID:[XMPPJID jidWithString:[registerUserName stringByAppendingString:hostName]]];

          BOOL success = [[self xmppStream] connectWithTimeout:XMPPStreamTimeoutNone error:&error];

          if(![[self xmppStream] isConnected])

              success = [[self xmppStream] registerWithPassword:registerPassword error:&error];


          if (success) { isRegistering = YES; NSLog(@"XMPP Connted While Registration"); }


      Following is   "xmppStreamDidConnect" delegate


      - (void)xmppStreamDidConnect:(XMPPStream *)sender


          DDLogVerbose(@"%@: %@", THIS_FILE, THIS_METHOD);

          isXmppConnected = YES;


          NSError *error = nil;

          if (isXmppConnected && isRegistering && [arrRegisterInfo count])


              XMPPPlainAuthentication *plainAuth = [[XMPPPlainAuthentication alloc] initWithStream:self.xmppStream password:registerPassword];

              if (![self.xmppStream authenticate:plainAuth error:&error]) { NSLog(@"Error authenticating: %@", error); DDLogError(@"Error authenticating: %@", error); }


              [self customXMPPIQ:arrRegisterInfo iqName:IQ_SEND_REGISTERATION];

              [obj_DataModel setIsContactSynced:NO];

              isRegistering = NO;




              if (![[self xmppStream] authenticateWithPassword:loginPassword error:&error]) { NSLog(@"Error authenticating: %@", error); DDLogError(@"Error authenticating: %@", error); }


              [DesignModel stopActivityIndicator:self.navigationController.view];




      But while using "registerWithPassword" it always throws error like below


      The operation couldn’t be completed. (XMPPStreamErrorDomain error 1.)

      2017-01-18 11:37:50.286 WibrateMe[11604:107396] didNotAuthenticate <failure xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"><not-authorized/></failure>


      And I debug the library and found something into it. Please check attached snap shot.