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    Random Dances Users and Groups


      Since upgrade to 4.1 many Things about Users,Groups and Rostres have become strange or broken.

      Without any Pattern or Regularity any Users on Admin Console shows as Member some Groups.



      Above You can see "solonenko" and "surina" as member of many Groups

      And next screen as Detail of User Groups:


      Actually at the same time the User "solonenko" has no Groups and User "surina" is Member of Groups "hz2" and "omts"


      SQL Output:

      Your query: select count(*) from ofGroupUser where username like 'so%';


      Your response: 



      Your query: select * from ofGroupUser where username='surina';


      Your response: 



      Next restart of Openfire server users, which get wrong Group List today will be changed randomly but users "solonenko" and "surina" will be in right List




      Version:Openfire 4.1.1
      Appserver: jetty/9.2.z-SNAPSHOT
      Java Version: 1.8.0_111 Oracle Corporation -- OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
      OS / Hardware: Linux / amd64
      OS Process Owner:daemon
      Java Memory


      1026.81 MB of 1820.50 MB (56.4%) used

      Database and Version:HSQL Database Engine 2.3.4


      Java Version: