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    can't change servername, missing or incorrect DNS configuration




      today i upgraded to OpenFire 4.1.0 on Debian 8.6 (jessie) using the officially provided deb files. My server is multi-homed running on servername "hermes" within a private ip space. I've got split DNS set up and there exist public DNS entries for jabber.fbn-dd.de with a public reachable ip. When i logged in to Admin Console I've seen the feature to check DNS configuration:

      The public DNS is the only advertised service with valid SRV records and is recognized by the DNS SRV Record verification page. So i tried to change servername to jabber.fbn-dd.de, but the form does not save my change. I can't find a useful hint in logs. Config files are writeable for the user running OpenFire.


      Any help is appreciated.