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    Changing Jabber domain + MariaDB / mySQL.

    Sven Erik Tiberg

      Set up a Openfire server for testing, then another to learn how to make these working together with separate jabber domains.

      My long term application are in real time simulators as mechanical - hydralulic driver simulators and to develop VR interfaces for control room.

      For security reason I would like to use JID servers on both sides of tight firewalls, both public JID-servers and JID-servers that are direct connected to the simulator. In this way I can use XMPP protocol to transfere states between external user to the system and the simulator where the JID-servers are a part of the security in user identification and S2S restricts the number of open ports simulator firewall.

      My Q. changed the openfire config ( using admin web ) to more correspond to our DNS structure and now I can't log in to the web-admin-UI.
      Reinstalled the openfire server and it seems to keep the embedded DB.
      How to make a compleate clean up of the openfire installation on a Win7 enterprise installation.

      Another Q, can I use MariaDB as a substiture for mySLQ?


      PS: my applications will be based on X3D and strope.js with BOSH push state technic.



      Sven-Erik Tiberg / Lulea / Sweden