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Openfire Clustering timeout - Not accepting new connections

Question asked by Sathya on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Sathya

I have been trying to connect two openfire nodes using hazelcast clustering. After successful setup and execution, it started throwing out time out exception and not accepting any new connections. Any help or directions on this ? Do we require any tweaks on the configuration?


Following is the configuration:


<hazelcast xsi:schemaLocation=" hazelcast-config-3.5.xsd"
      <property name="hazelcast.logging.type">slf4j</property>
      <property name="">30000</property>
      <property name="hazelcast.memcache.enabled">false</property>
      <property name="">false</property>
    <management-center enabled="false"/>
        <port auto-increment="true" port-count="100">5701</port>
            <multicast enabled="false"/>
            <tcp-ip enabled="true">
            <aws enabled="false"/>
        <interfaces enabled="false">
        <ssl enabled="false"/>
        <socket-interceptor enabled="false"/>
        <symmetric-encryption enabled="false">


Current users count:


Openfire version: 4.0.2

Hazelcast plugin version: 2.2.0

Hazelcast version: 3.5.1



Following are the error snapshot