Search Plugin localization file for Russian

Discussion created by Ivan on Nov 21, 2016
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Please check attached file. Probably that will be interested for Russian-speaking people.

Checked it:

- works fine in Admin Console

- works fine in Client (Pidgin and Spark)


Keys from this file might be used in ldap.searchFields: put key name here (for instance, to search via username put "Username/<LDAP mapping for username>" in this variable, do not use "Имя/<LDAP mapping for username>" here as it doesn't work and you'll get error messages in app.log about "no keys found"). If you want more fields to search thru - you have to check first if needed key exists in a file (add a new one if needed).


Russian translation must be placed in a file in form of "\uXXXX" sequence, not in a form of normal Russian words: please use "\u0418\u043C\u044F" for "Имя". Found good encoder here