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XMPPTCPConnection public method getSocket() not available

Question asked by cmeng on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by cmeng

In all the Jitsi xmpp client implementation, it makes access to public method getSocket() from in asmack library to provide user with some of its features implemented e.g. "connection info" to view SSL certificate


When I started developing the android xmpp aTalk client, a fork from jitsi-android; I ported the whole aTalk application to use the Smack library. However I found that the method getSocket() is not being implemented in (smack-tcp-4.1.8.jar).


Currently I have to manually delete the XMPPTCPConnection.class from its original library jar downloaded from maven repository,

and added the method getSocket() in local extracted source in my application for inclusion.


I would really appreciate if the Smack team can seriously consider adding the public method getScoket() in in all new official smack library releases.

* To retrieve the XMPP connection socket used by the protocolProvider
* @return SSL socket
public Socket getSocket()
   return socket;


Note: For any user who are interested, aTalk-release.apk is freely available and can be downloaded from the site below: