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Reset all Presences to unavailable

Question asked by Urs Steger on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Flow

After a disconnection all Presences are set to unavailable (done by Roster internal fuction setOfflinePresencesAndResetLoaded). This is fine, but not enough.


Because when I am connected and send a Presence unavailable, I do not get Presences of buddies which go unavailable. When I go available again I only get all available presences. The presence  of the buddies which went unavailable in the meantime are not updated in the Roster. The result is that some buddies stay available, which in fact are not.

Other XMPP client libraries (e.g. XMPPFramework for iOS) handle this use case and reset all presences.


How can I solve this problem? The Roster provides no public functions to reset the presences.