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    plese help to implement ssl



      I have go through  this guide Openfire: SSL Guide  to implement SSL for openfire and if I am doing step by step what here described I could not get worked solution

      receiving such errors in SSL tab:

      Configuration problem: Unable to access the store.

      unable to access certificate store. The keystore may be corrupt


      what I have done:

      1) updated keystore password

      2) generate cert request: keytool -certreq -keystore keystore -alias server_name.domain -file request_openfire_cert

      3) Created from CA sertificate

      4) imported CA cert: keytool -import -keystore keystore -alias server_name.domain -file signed_certificate_file

      5) addedd these values:

           xmpp.socket.ssl.active -- set to 'true' to active SSL

           xmpp.socket.ssl.port -- the port to use for SSL (default is 5223 for XMPP)

           xmpp.socket.ssl.storeType -- the store type used ("JKS" is the Sun Java Keystore format used by the JDK keytool). If this property is not defined, Openfire will assume a value of "jks".

           xmpp.socket.ssl.keystore -- the location of the keystore file relative to your Openfire installation root directory. You can leave this property blank to use the default keystore.

           xmpp.socket.ssl.keypass -- the keystore/key password you changed in step 2.


      6) restarted openfire service


      Server spec: RedHat7

      openfire 4.0.3

      installed as rpm