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    Openfire upgrade failed - Windows Uninstall fails - looking for uninstaller

    Ric Tucker

      Is there an uninstall utility available?

      Perhaps manual uninstall instructions?


      Spark / Openfire had been running well in our office for months, perhaps a year.

      Another "mission critical program running on the box where Openfire is running as our Spark server required a Java upgrade (to version 8.0) which appears to have cause major issues with Openfire.


      We've tried Updating Java to version 8.0 101 with no success.


      Openfire_4_0_3 upgrade failed to the point open fire will not run.

      Spark version is


      Open fire server computer is Windows 7 professional, 32-bit, currently running no antivirus. Removed Symantec Endpoint Protection, Windows Defender is off, Windows Firewall is off (we have a frontline firewall so this is not an issue)