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    ALREADY FIXED: install4j Missing from Openfire 4.0.3 tarball

    Shaun Dyer

      After I made the post below I re-downloaded the tarball and found the resources inside. I would delete this post but I do not see a way to do so.


      The .install4j directory and openfire script are missing from the 4.0.3 release tarball. Is install4j going away or was this an oversight?

      I've copied the resources from the 4.0.2 install over and they appear to be working fine. The openfire.sh, openfirectl and extras/openfired scripts all seem to have issues on my system. I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04.5 LTS


      openfirectl was close to working for me but would not populate the /var/run/openfire.pid file with the PID so the "sudo service openfire status" never showed that the process was running.

      I finally copied over the .install4j resources, re-created my symlinks and now I'm back up where I'd like to be.




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