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Spark's project not including some of the Smack libraries

Question asked by wroot Champion on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by wroot

While trying to update Spark's Smack to the latest version i have noticed that Spark is not including:

  • smack-jingle-old.jar (maybe it is needed somewhere, like in PC to PC calls or even SIP?)
  • smack-resolver-dnsjava.jar (there is smack-resolved.javax.jar though, so maybe it replaces the dnsjava one, but it is still included in the Smack package (maybe that's for Android to use)
  • smack-resolver-minidns.jar (same as above)
  • smack-sasl-provided.jar (there is smack-sasl-javax.jar, maybe same as with resolver this one is only needed for Android apps?)


Wonder if we are not missing something in the Spark.