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Is it necessary to purchase a domain name for ejabberd?

Question asked by Isaac on Jun 6, 2016
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I'm new to XMPP, and I'm currently trying to make a connection to ejabberd through the Smack API in Eclipse. However, I keep running into issues, and I realized that an issue might be that I'm trying to host the server on a domain name that might not actually exist. I know this sounds like a stupid question, but is it necessary for me to purchase my own domain name just to try and connect to this ejabberd server? Or is there a way to configure ejabberd to only use localhost, and thus allow my Smack API program to connect to the server?


I'm also open to using Openfire, but I'm not sure if I'd run into the same issues as I am with ejabberd. I don't know what the benefit of Openfire would be as opposed to ejabberd.


Thank you very much.