AnsweredAssumed Answered does not load and forum post problems

Question asked by bashkim on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by wroot

For a few weeks now I cannot open site.

It just never loads, not a single byte comes back and the browser keeps spinning the icon.

Does not matter if I go to the site itself, or any of the links that google indexed.


Also do you know that this forum does not work?

It completely does not work under Linux (Firefox or Konqueror)

as the "loading" spinning thing in the middle of the new message body never goes away.

(Oh, I was wrong! After about 4-5 min the body of the message actually loads as a textarea)



Under Windows IE the message body appears fine, but as I am typing the text is invisible.

So I am typing this in Notepad to paste into the message and pray it publishes.

(Actually, it does not - it simply reloads the page and blanks out the body)


The 3 category check boxes below the message have text under Linux, but in IE they are only check boxes and icons with no text.


Did anyone actually test that the site works across browsers and not just in the latest single version of some particular browser?