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Openfire does not Synchronize Multi-User-Chat Rooms created by the Rest-API

Question asked by hannes on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by Manuel Razola


I have 2 Openfire clustered with the Halzelcast-plugin. Additionally I have installed the Rest-API plugin.


So I have this behaviour: If I trigger a multi-user-chat-room create with the RestApi plugin the room is created correctly in the Openfire on which I executed the rest call.

The created group is also available in the second Openfire but it seems that not all properties have been synchronised.


Below I attached some screenshots for the node where I created the room:


And this is a Picture for the Node the secound Node:


It seems that the room is created correctly but after the room is created, some properties are not synchronized via the hazelcast plugin.

If the group gets created via the admin GUI, everything works fine across the whole cluster.


Is this a bug?