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    Username containing Irish Language Characters makes Chat Session hang


      Hi there,


      I am using the Fastpath Service Plugin with Openfire Spark chat client.

      I am using Openfire 3.10

      I have noticed in this forum that there are a lot of issues with character encoding and special characters breaking the app, for instance Swedish and Chinese characters. However I have not seen any fix for these issues.


      The issue is that we allow the user to enter a "username" by which they will be identified throughout the chat. If a username with special characters, i.e. áéíóú are used in Irish Language, then the agent can accept the conversation invite but the conversation window does not display properly the characters, the admin console that records the chat and names also does not display the characters and what's worse the user that initiated the chat is shown a hanging session which does not connect.


      Is there a workaround here, or a fix on the way?