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Creating a legal entity to represent the community.

Discussion created by Guus der Kinderen Champion on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2016 by Guus der Kinderen

The context of this discussion is Jive's decision to end their sponsoring of the hosting for the IgniteRealtime community, as discussed here.


Up until now, we've had Jive Software as a guardian of this community. They footed the bill, they took care of pretty much everything. Although not strictly needed for the migration, this might be a good moment to think about establishing some kind of legal representation of our own.


A legal entity for IgniteRealtime facilitates the community in the sense that it could own things like hardware, donations, domain names. If Jive would be willing to transfer trademarks, those could be transferred there too and be protected by it. I would prefer that over being dependent on any specific individual.


The discussion up until now had three options:

  • Don't do anything.
  • Create some kind of foundation (perhaps similar to the XMPP foundation)
  • Join an umbrella foundation (such as the Apache Foundation, or, or any of the various others)


As I don't have any experience on the subject, I'm actively searching for feedback from others. So far, I do think it'd be good to have some kind of legal entity, especially when Jive would be willing to transfer trademarks (which to my knowledge has not been discussed with them to date).


If we do go down that road, I have a slight preference for establishing something ourselves, rather than joining an umbrella organization. That's primarily motivated by a base desire to keep things under our own control. Evaluating what umbrella organization fits best might be as much work as establishing our own entity. In any case, I'd be willing to spearhead both efforts.