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Finding a new home for the community

Discussion created by Guus der Kinderen Champion on Mar 17, 2016
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The context of this discussion is Jive's decision to end their sponsoring of the hosting for the IgniteRealtime community, as discussed here.



  • Jive has set a migration deadline of June 15, 2016.
  • Jive is happy to transfer the domain names, whenever the community chooses an agent for ownership, whether an individual or other legal entity (please refer to 'creating a legal entity to represent the community' for the discussion on that subject).
  • The existing hardware is for use of the community, and Jive will have Contegix ship it where-ever.
  • Jive primarily wants out of the hosting contracts, so, none of this has any bearing on the Jive Cloud forum/community site. Ignite Realtime is free to continue use of the Jive Cloud instance.
  • This community uses a significant amount of resources: multiple servers, half a terabyte of storage, multiple terabytes of bandwidth per month. Our new home will need to be sizable for it all to fit.
  • We're already in possession of open-source software licenses for the tooling that we use (Atlassian, install4j, and on individual basis, Intellij).


We already had various individuals that offered hardware, rack space and even monetary donations. Thanks!


If we can, I feel that we'd best not tie the hosting to any one person, for instance by finding space at someone's employer. As Daryl put it so elegantly: "I could be fired tomorrow." Ideally, we find a new home that will survive the termination, departure, death, unwillingness, or other stop to the support of our community of any one individual. (This ties in somewhat to this discussion creating a legal entity to represent the community). For this reason, I've been searching for an organization that is willing to sponsor the community as a whole. I think that for the future, that would be a safer option than depending on a specific individual.


I am currently engaged in conversation with the general manager of a hosting company that I did business with in the past. They are open to the kind of sponsoring that we need. I don't want to jinx things, but I'm optimistic that things will work out with them. At this time, I'm not actively pursuing other venues.


As for the migration itself: I think it is likely that in any new home that we'll find, there will be less administrative support as what we've got from Contegix in the past. There'll be quite some work involved: setting up the servers, installing software, migrating data. Although a developer, I have some affinity with system administration, and I would be happy to put in the effort. I'm hoping that others will join in as well.