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Where is getJID() ?

Question asked by Axel on Feb 4, 2016
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i'm currently playing arround with sparkplug. I added an entry to the ContactItem contextmen like descriped in sample.


As i want to do an action with the selected ContactItem, i try to get the users JID.

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) { 

      ContactList contactList = SparkManager.getWorkspace().getContactList();
      Collection selectedUsers = contactList.getSelectedUsers();
      String selectedUser;

      Iterator selectedUsersIterator = selectedUsers.iterator();
      if (selectedUsersIterator.hasNext()) {
           ContactItem contactItem = (ContactItem);

           selectedUser = contactItem.getFullJID(); // getFullJID returns nothing
           selectedUser = contactItem.getContactJID(); // getContectJID returns nothing
           selectedUser = contactItem.getJID(); // compile-error "cannot find symbol"


getFullJID and getContactJID does not have any return value. Perhabs there is an runtime error, which i don't see anywhere.

getJID is the call which i did not find in the api but in many samples and open source plugins. But that creates a compile error.


Any idea?


Thanks in advice.

Best regards,