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How to auto join on a group/conference on login

Question asked by Abhishek on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2016 by Adekunle Valentine Owolabi

I am using smack for XMPP client library, I want to implement whatsapp group like functionality. So once I am in the group, I will be in there until I leave the group or admin removes me.


But while implementing this, I am able to join a group, but as soon as I get disconnected I need to rejoin manually in the group.


As much I have read(correct me if I am wrong), If I add conference in the bookmark with autojoin=true, it will automatically be joined on login. I am doing this programatically like this.


BookmarkManager bookmarkManager = BookmarkManager.getBookmarkManager(connection);
bookmarkManager.addBookmarkedConference(mucName, conferenceName, true, nickName, null);


Even if I am sending autojoin value to true, I am still not be able to auto joining in the group. I am using ejabberd server.

Can someone help...